MICHAEL SORSDAHL, C.D., PH.D. (ED), C.C.C, R.C.C., GDCFi, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Dr. Michael Sorsdahl is a Provisional Psychologist in Alberta, a Canadian Certified Counsellor, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and a Global Career Development Facilitator, working in Vancouver, Calgary, and on Vancouver Island. He has worked with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Naval Officer for over 25 years where he Commanded 2 Canadian Warships, led the Leadership Development section, and was the Deputy Commandant of the Pacific Coast Naval School. His experience in individual and team development from the military is augmented with over 15 years of working as a psychotherapist where he specialized in group process, transitions (personal and career), and trauma, while focused on their personal professional development in all aspects.

Michael’s areas of specialization now focus on team and leadership assessment, to help work on developing individual and team functionality and effectiveness. He is an associate with Emergenetics International, where he uses tools and dynamic group processes to build more cohesive teams and improve workplace culture/environments. Michael assesses the unique needs of the organization, team, or person he is working with, and strategizes the best approach to maximize outcomes and achieve the expected goals.

Michael completed a Master’s in Arts in Counselling Psychology (2005) and a PhD in Education specializing in educational theory and counselling psychology (2010). He currently instructs at the University of Victoria in their Counselling Psychology program as well he is an adjunct professor who instructs at Yorkville University in their Bachelor of Business Administration.