The Leadership Success Group employs skilled Industrial/Organizational psychology consultants who possess considerable training and experience in the use of psychometric assessments.  These in-depth assessments allow us to accurately identify the talents and developmental opportunities of current and potential leaders in the following categories:

  • Individual contributors being considered for their first supervisory positions.
  • Supervisors or team leads being considered for mid-level management roles.
  • Managers being considered for higher level positions, such as Directors or VPs.
  • VPs being considered for SVP or higher level leadership roles (e.g., CEO).

The purpose for conducting leadership assessments include:

  • Development planning– identifying development needs to focus on, as well as strengths to leverage in order to help enhance the leaders’, and the organization’s, performance.
  • Career development– planning leaders’ career paths within the organization to foster higher levels of engagement and position them for continued success.
  • Succession planning– comparing assessment results to determine the ideal candidates for succession in your organization.

Our Tools

At The Leadership Success Group, we use a variety of highly specialized, valid and reliable assessment tools, including:

  • Behavioural-based, structured interviews
  • Personality assessments (we use a range of in-depth tools that require graduate level psychology training to interpret)
  • Leadership style inventories
  • Conflict style inventories
  • Work simulations
  • Cognitive ability and problem solving tests

360° Feedback

In addition to conducting comprehensive leadership development assessments, we also facilitate 360° feedback for individual leaders as well as management teams.  Such multi-rater evaluation tools help us to better understand the impact that a leader’s behaviours and actions have on others, and can be an excellent complement to a more in-depth leadership assessment.

More Information

We take the time to understand your unique organizational context, challenges, and goals as we determine an effective leadership assessment strategy.

To find out more about assessments for leadership development and succession planning, please contact us at or (587) 354-3444 to find out more.