Coaching has become recognized as a highly effective way of enhancing the performance of leaders at all levels of an organization. Multiple research studies have shown that the availability of coaching in an organization leads to enhanced retention of key performers, higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, a positive work environment as well as increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

The coaching process consists of a series of confidential, one-on-one meetings between the coach and the individual leader to identify and explore the challenges and opportunities he or she is facing. Examples of typical coaching engagements are:

  • Developmental coaching to assist a new leader in gaining confidence
  • Supportive coaching geared to facilitating a high performer in successfully advancing into more senior leadership roles
  • Focused coaching to assist an experienced leader to develop strategies to deal with specific challenges within their team
  • Strategic coaching to assist an executive leader in addressing the unique challenges that senior roles bring, including the ‘isolation’ of the senior leader and the challenge of maintaining the balance of their personal and professional lives

The coach functions as a supportive resource who guides, enables and where necessary challenges the leader to address issues, take on challenges, pursue opportunities, but above all to pay attention to who they are, and what they value in their unique practice of leadership.

The skilled coaches of The Leadership Success Group can guide the leaders of your organization in their quest for personal excellence and maximize your organization’s investment in their developmental process.

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