Areas of Expertise

Leadership development – whether you’re planning for your next generation of leaders, focused on enhancing the skills of existing leaders or championing a culture of leadership at every level, The Leadership Success Group can help. With over 50 years of combined leadership development consulting experience, our associates will work with you to customize a development strategy that best responds to your corporate needs.

Conflict management – there is no dispute that unresolved workplace conflict has a negative effect on the bottom line. How effective is your individual response to a conflict situation? We can help your leaders to identify how conflict manifests itself in the workplace, and shift from a position of blame to finding resolution.

Strategic planning – today’s reality is that no one seems to have enough hours in the day and the biggest “fires” get the most attention. The Leadership Success Group associates understand these pressures and can work with you to refocus attention on strategic initiatives, ensuring that key objectives receive the time and attention needed for long-term success.

Leadership team development – sometimes having the right players on the team isn’t enough! The Leadership Success Group can work with you to design team sessions that build on individual strengths, create greater team cohesion and align everyone’s efforts towards accomplishing common objectives.

Virtual leadership and teamwork – many teams now contain members who are geographically dispersed. Leading individuals and teams from a distance presents some additional challenges and opportunities. The Leadership Success Group has expertise in working with your organization’s leaders to build effective virtual teams and to tackle leadership issues that arise when working virtually.

Multigenerational workplaces – learn what’s important to each generation from perspectives including communication, decision-making and change. By building awareness of each generation’s needs, you can increase staff retention and engagement, improve recruitment, enhance communication and achieve other organizational objectives.

Retention and engagement – retaining and engaging employees are key to achieving goals, enhancing productivity, knowledge sharing, innovation and more. We can provide you with an organizational analysis and recommendations to build on existing and maximize opportunities to ensure your workplace is the best it can be.

Succession planning – if you’re responsible for making succession a reality in your organization, The Leadership Success Group can help. We have expertise in both succession and capacity-building strategies and we use a multi-faceted approach that ensures ongoing and future success.

Mentoring – many cite mentoring relationships as key in the development of leadership, technical and professional skills necessary for success. The Leadership Success Group can help you to formalize these powerful relationships, by customizing a mentoring plan specific to your organization’s culture and needs.

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