The Emergenetics Impact

What is Emergenetics?

As a psychometric tool, Emergenetics assesses patterns of thinking and behaving that emerge from a combination of an individual’s genetic blueprint coupled with their environmental influences. Emergenetics was coined by putting two words together, ‘emerge’ and ‘genetics.’ That is, who you are emerged from your genetic blueprint and was further developed through experiences in your formative years. In using Emergenetics to understand how individuals think and act (on their own, in relation to others, and in collaboration with others), organizations can become more productive, effective, and efficient. Although Emergenetics has been stimulating cultural changes within organizations internationally for almost 25 years, it entered the Canadian market in 2013.

Why use Emergenetics in your organization?

While the Leadership Success Group has access to a variety of organizational assessments, Emergenetics has promptly become one of our most frequently used tools when it comes to team development and enhancing workplace culture. With an innovative approach and a solid foundation of research support, Emergenetics is making waves as the most accurate and applicable profiling tool on the market.

Regarding its use, Emergenetics is a “sticky” tool. It really resonates, and sticks, with those who go through the workshops and it has a significant cultural impact within organizations. It becomes a way of thinking and a common language for employees to use, provides a new approach to developing employees and leaders, and demonstrates a clear link between training, comprehension, and results. While some tools can be difficult to apply, Emergenetics is an actionable system. Organizations like Microsoft value the tool so much that profiles are often posted on each and every office door!

A final Emergenetics highlight is its free app, Emergenetics+, something completely unique in the industry. Whereas an Introduction to Emergenetics Workshop provides the foundation to effectively use Emergenetics in an organization, the app empowers teams to move the learning out of the classroom and put it in to action with a practical application. As iPhones and Androids have become “requirements” in today’s society, they provide the perfect platform to have Emergenetics in the palm of your hand. With the app, you can compare profiles or assess groups of people (e.g., meeting attendees, work teams) in order to increase awareness of the group and to find strategies for communicating, working together, giving feedback, resolving conflict, and setting goals. The accessibility of Emergenetics+ only serves to facilitate and increase its impact.

How is Emergenetics different from other profiles out there?

Emergenetics is a seven attribute model that assesses both thinking and behavioural preferences. In comparison to other widely used profiles, it is the only tool to assess thinking and behavioural attributes as separate constructs. This distinction is backed by neuroscience and is unique to Emergenetics because many of the other profiling tools on the market were developed prior to the understanding of the brain we have today. Therefore, Emergenetics offers individuals a deeper and clearer understanding of themselves. Compared to Emergenetics, other profiles make generalizations and label people in ways that don’t necessarily resonate with them. Anecdotally, a VP and Director of HR at a well-known Canadian company had identical profile results using another widely employed profiling tool, but completely opposite Emergenetics profiles! When debriefed, the two individuals noted that their Emergenetics profiles “explained them” much more accurately and thoroughly.

As a tool, Emergenetics provides individuals with an understanding of how to work through their strengths and is one of the few tools on the market that transcends self-awareness and expands to awareness of interpersonal dynamics. While it’s more accurate and thorough than other assessments on the market, Emergenetics profiles are also clear, concise, and the basis for practical applications. In other words, Emergenetics is simple without being simplistic. A strength of Emergenetics is both its capacity for team understanding and better team management. Using Emergenetics, teams are able to create cognitively diverse groups that improve focus, efficiency, and bottom line results.

If you are intrigued enough to give Emergenetics a try, contact the Leadership Success Group at 587.354.3444 or [email protected] to learn more.

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