Work EvOHlution

Do your managers struggle with the concept of leading from a distance? Are you concerned about how your culture and team dynamics will be impacted by distributed work? Is productivity and engagement of your people top of mind as you move toward distributed work arrangements?

Work EvOHlution can help! We are a team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists who have specialized in distributed work since 2003. We understand and support your leaders, teams, and employees to achieve excellence through specialized assessments and consulting around the human challenges and opportunities in “Distributed Work” (i.e., working away from the structure, supervision, and co-workers found in the traditional office). We work with organizations who are transitioning into distributed workplaces, or working on local or global distributed teams. Our assessments, consulting, coaching, and training ensure a smooth transition into distributed work and enhances ongoing productivity and engagement.

Work EvOHlution has been a partner to Leadership Success Group since it’s inception in 2014.

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